Directed Energy- High Energy Laser

    Scientic supports the USA SMDC High Energy Laser Project office in Program Development, Program Management, and Field Testing. Scientic has a long history of High Energy Laser program involvement that reaches back to the early 90’s and includes:


    In addition to Programmatic support, Scientic is the Test Team Lead and a Major Laser Test Measurement System Developer for HEL MD/HELMTT.  As an example, Scientic developed a cost effective solution to measuring the laser beam irradiance on target for high energy lasers.


     Scientic has extensive capabilities and experience in supporting test events at government test ranges.


    •  Pacific Range – Pt. Mugu/China Lake
    •  Eglin Air Force Base (EAFB)
      • HEL Weapon System Humid Atmospheric Performance Testing – HEL MD
    • White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) 
      • Aboveground High Explosive Testing – Stallion Range
      • HEL Weapon System Testing/Test Bed Dev. – HELSTF – THEL, HEL TD, HEL-MD
      • RF  Weapons Detection System Testing (RF-WDST
    • Yuma – RF-WDST
    • Naval Weapons Support Center Panama City and Gulf of Mexico – RF Communications
    • Redstone Test Center – HELMTT HEL Testing




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