Scientic is in the process of implementation of a proven Quality Management System Plan for SeaPort-e that ensures that we plan, perform, and provide high quality support services and deliverables for the Government.  Scientic's Quality Management Plan has been designed to meet the requirements of ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001:2000, AS-9100, Rev. B, is compliant with those requirements, and is applied to all contracts with those or equivalent requirements. Consistent application of the processes and procedures of this plan support our policy of providing the best products to our customers.

Our plan includes details such as customer focus, leadership, organizational values, performance goals and expectations, authority, strategic planning, performance tracking and assessment, deliverables, responsibilities, responsiveness, feedback, and corrective actions.  This plan provides a roadmap to ensure that Scientic provides the high quality and responsive support that it requires and expects.

Scientic has developed and matured a highly automated data management system, based on Microsoft Sharepoint to archive, secure, control configuration, and manage SeaPort-e contract data to aid decision makers at Scientic and in the Government in the performance of their management functions. This automated data management system ensures that we have standardized procedures for allocating resources to task orders, developing schedules and milestones, and evaluating performance against the established baselines. It allows continuous evaluation of each task to ensure that labor expenditures are used efficiently and effectively.

The management of Scientic, Inc. is committed to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and to the delivery of quality products, on-time and within cost estimates.