Electronic system designs must exhibit first-time quality and meet the highest reliability standards for a long and useful life span.  A comprehensive Component Engineering program controls the selection, application and procurement of electrical and mechanical parts, materials and processes to ensure system quality, reliability, and reduce system costs.


Component Engineering Tasks:


During Product Development

1.      Establish Program Requirements

2.      Component and Supplier Selection/Qualification

3.      Bill of Material Analysis

a.      Risk Identification, Assessment, and Mitigation

b.      Component Obsolescence

c.      Counterfeit Part Prevention

4.      Procurement  Documentation

5.      Design/Application Engineering Support

6.      Reliability Calculations                                                                                                                

During Manufacturing

1.      Regulations and Requirements Compliance Analysis

2.      Alternate and Second Sourcing

3.      Component Failure Analysis

4.      Problem Resolution via the 8-D Methodology

5.      PCN/EOL Review and Support


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